Photo Recovery


Photo Recovery - Ztool is developed by a gifted and enthusiastic team with a good wish to help people who lost photos or videos on Android phones. The team is working on developing more useful tools and features. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or if you need our help. Our inspiration is from your need.

Customer reviews

June 11, 2020 Unlike some apps that need to be installed before deletion, this app can really find photos that were accidentally deleted before installing it. Although not all of the photos can be found, most of my lost photos have been recovered.

Nhan Nguyen

June 13, 2020 I thought that once the photos were deleted, they would never be found again. So its amazing to find the photos be recovered in my album. Thank you for developing such a useful app.

Suxtwz Jacquet

June 9, 2020 Highly recommended! I found the videos I deleted accidentally. Its great! I tried a lot of software, and only this one worked.

Alythia Fourman

June 18, 2020 It spent quite a while to check in the searching result, and it turns out to worth the time and effort. My photos are recovered in very nice quality.

Eurydice Thundercliffe

May 26, 2020 The App is worth downloading. Firstly, it works perfectly as what it says; Secondly, it has very easy to use; And thirdly, it has very nice design.

Yghiz Lobb

Safe Guarantee

Read-only & no damage to original data Process everything on your own phone Preview before recovery or deletion